Our Flavours



Raspberry Macaron

 With an almond based shell and a home made raspberry filling, our delightful raspberry macaron is a perfect balance between sweet and sour.


Vanilla Macaron

Inspired by the original French recipe, we use vanilla beans for our delicious French buttercream. Sometimes its nice to go classic and you cant go wrong with our Vanilla macarons.


Chocolate Macaron

Get ready for a chocolate overload! Our creamy chocolate ganache is surrounded by a slightly crunchy chocolate and almond macaron shell

Salted caramel

Salted Caramel

This home favourite was the very first macaron flavour that we have created! The pinch of salt in the filling comes to balance the sweetness of the macaron perfectly.


Lemon Macaron

If you like sour, you will LOVE our lemon macaron! The sweetness of our macaron shells accentuate the zesty lemon filling to perfection.


Coconut Macaron

The almond and coconut shells are complemented by a creamy coconut american buttercream, for a rich and fresh flavour.

After Eight

After Eight Macaron

We take the After Eight treat to the next level. Perfect to accompany your afternoon tea or coffee, this macaron is filled with a delicious mint flavoured chocolate ganache 


A must have in any classic macaron selection, we have been looking for a perfect recipe before deciding to add it to our menu. We do hope you enjoy it!

Peanut Butter & Oreo

Peanut Butter and Oreo Macaron

 An original mixture for a lovely treat. A peanut butter and Oreo buttercream, adding a little extra nuttiness to the almond shells

Chocolate orange

Chocolate Orange Macaron

This 2020 creation became the new favourite, so we have decided to move it from seasonal to permanent! The orange flavoured chocolate ganache marries perfectly with our almond shells