Patisserie Course

This course lasts approximately 4 hours, during which I will be joining you in your kitchen and share some tips and secrets on how to bake amazing French patisseries! Before the course we will send you a full list of ingredients and utensils and we will set up a short Zoom call, so we can make sure that the course is perfectly tailored to your needs.

The course will include the following skills:

  • Macaron shells, the Italian meringue recipe
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Vanilla macaron filling
  • Choux pastry (for eclairs)
  • Chocolate crème patissière
  • Puff pastry (for Mille-feuille)
  • Vanilla crème patissière
  • Fondant (white and chocolate)
  • Filling of macarons
  • Filling and icing of eclairs
  • Montage of Mille-feuilles

Once you have completed this course you will also be invited to our private Facebook group, in which you will find:

  • Unlimited access to our macaron recipe video
  • A new macaron filling recipe each month
  • A sweet baking community, where you can share photos of your delicious creations and ask for advice on your baking


Feel free to invite a friend to join us for the bake! You just need to make sure there is enough space in your kitchen and to double up the ingredients!